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We are the sailing Klub Libenter who loves yachting and charters in Croatia.

We charter a boat and set sails to the Croatian waters: Adriatic is our dream destinations.

It is not far away, it is quite near, just go into your car, drive 12 hours and you can get onboard on the yacht in Split, Trogir or Dubrovnik. Don’t waste you time – sail with Klub Libenter. we charter yachts in Croatia, from Split, Pula and Dubrovnik from this website with yacht charter. It is always a good choice when looking for a reliable partner. Going for a vacation trip with my spouse is always a delighted experience. Both of us are running through a hectic daily routine and we could not spend time with each other since we are very busy with our profession. So whenever we get a chance to be together, we use to plan and enjoy those days as better as possible. Generally we will travel to a new place on our vacation. We are not interested to be in our location and roaming around the places. Also we will not choose the same place for our trip. We use to spend more time and find a better and beautiful place to visit.

Yacht charter in Croatia

Since both of us are nature lover, we will always choose the place which is covered with nature. This time we chose Croatia for our vacation. The main reason is Croatia is a beautiful and nature surrounded country. Moreover it has long coastlines and we have never visited a country with this much of islands. So we wanted to visit Croatia and arranged everything for that.

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Dubrovnik is the first place that my friend mentioned when i asked about the best places in Croatia. It was a beautiful morning and we got ready and get down into the streets. First we found a restaurant and had breakfast. When i told my friend that i am going to Croatia he asked me not to miss yacht charter. He said that yachting is very popular in Croatia. So we directly moved to the sea shore and hire a yacht.

Yacht Klub

There is a small island named Lokrum and it is very close to Dubrovnik. So we planned to go there and we were very much excited about visiting an island. Once we get down in Lokrum, we started walking and we have visited many garden. We took many photographs in those locations. Lokrum is very popular for many historic buildings therefore we visited all those buildings. It was a nice experience in the island. We came back to Dubrovnik and spend our evening by roaming around the city. We have visited the important places in the city.